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About me

I am a 35 year-old woman  and like many of you have had my own personal Health Journey.. The Journey for me started 10 years ago, back in 2003 whilst living and working in England as an Au Pair. I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), after suffering much pain and discomfort on and off for many years. At the time, this seemed like a predicament but this diagnosis also sparked within me a desire to find a solution. I never have been too keen on pharmaceutical drugs for myself (though they surely have their place) that’s not to say I’ve never taken them either.

I had a deep desire to find a Natural Solution to this condition. So I began reading as many books on Health, Nutrition and AlternativeMedicine that I could get my hands on!

I started to apply the different principles that I was learning (including various detox/cleansing programs) and I started to see dramatic changes in my skin, weight, energy levels, moods, mind and digestion. Everything was improving! But I was not quite there yet…

I have always been a person who ‘feels’ things deeply and I have realised throughout this process, that our emotions are greatly interconnected with the way our gut responds. Conditions like IBS and many others are not just ‘Food-related’ but are also very much ‘Mood-related’. Depression and Anxiety is something that I have suffered with for many years of my life and after hitting ‘rock bottom’ a few years ago and wanting to give up on life, something deep within me snapped.

It was a choice I had to make, either I sank or I swam.

Luckily for me, I decided to swim and this crisis was a defining moment in my life, I really did come out the other end stronger, happier and not depressed anymore. So what I am saying to you, is no matter how low you may go, and how bad you might feel, there is always hope.

I am living proof of this. I have completely turned my life around for the better. I have more confidence, peace, happiness, purpose, and clarity now. fortunately, determination is something that I’ve always possessed.

The emotional area is still a work-in-progress as I still suffer from time-to-time with anxiety but I know that I am better equipped to deal with it than I used to be. I know the things I need to avoid (not that I always do) but hey, we are human aren’t we? I will continue on this Journey of Health & Wellbeing for the rest of my life, and like You, will continue to learn and grow. I am excited to see what unfolds, because honestly, life just keeps getting better and better and I wish the same for You too.

The reason I started this business and am writing Recipe Books and Blogging about Health, is to be be able to help people like you. Maybe you have a Health condition of your own, maybe you don’t. Maybe you are pretty healthy and are just looking for tips, recipes or suggestions. Or, have an interest or a passion in Prevention. As they say ‘Prevention is always better than cure’. Sometimes however, we may not have had the right knowledge to prevent certain illness in the body/mind and at the end of the day ‘You only KNOW what you know’.

I think it is really important to mention the significance of Natural products, I am talking about Beauty, Personal, Health, Organic, Home and Cleaning products. We live in a very toxic world and it is vital for our health, to reduce this toxic-load. We can do this by using Natural Alternatives to Mainstream brands. I switched over to Natural products many years ago and have been trialling and testing over 100 brands, I have often been disappointed in the performance of many of these Natural Beauty & Personal products but every now and the I’d find a Gem!

Over this period of time I have found many ‘Gem’ products and I continue to use and recommend them. It has reached a point where I have almost an entire range, but I never stop searching and testing. You could say I am your personal ‘Guinea Pig’ ? I have taken much of the time, cost and frustration out of it and made it very easy for you. My Health is great these days, I have not had a cold/flu in years, and I put this down to the foods I eat, supplements I take, exercise, yoga, meditation, clean water, fresh air, sunshine and a positive attitude to life.

Through my website, you will be able to access these amazing products, along with leading-edge articles. We also have recently launched our app ‘Naturally Radiant’ where you’ll find healthy recipes, natural beauty tips, blogs and much more! Grab it right here, it’s FREE! 🙂

If you are reading this,  then you are a part of the Naturally Radiant Family (we are a Loving & Supportive Community). I am so blessed to have you here and thanks again for taking an active role in your Health & Happiness and I look forward to continuing this Journey with like-minded Souls such as yourself. So… get ready to ‘GLOW from the Inside-Out’ and become ‘Naturally Radiant’ TODAY! 🙂